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Everybody needs a Buddy!

Buddy the Soldier Bear is the endearing story of a lonely stuffed bear who sits on a shelf in a toy store dreaming of being part of a family and going on adventures. After a long wait, he is bought by a kind old lady who packs him in a care package and sends him to a deployed soldier. The soldier and his comrades take Buddy on many adventures and he eventually goes home with the soldier and becomes part of a family. Buddy's dreams come true! We want to inspire children to dream big!

Buddy the Soldier bear is so much more than just a book and stuffed animal - it's a movement!



The military has always held a special place in Marie Joy’s heart. Her dad served in WWII and her oldest son served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She founded and ran a nonprofit organization called Operation Hugs From Home when her son was first deployed. The organization sent thousands of care packages to deployed military service men and women. She now is a part of her local chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America. They serve our military in a number of ways, including sending care packages. 

While sending care packages, Marie often dreamed of writing a children’s story that could give back to our brave warriors. With Buddy’s story, Marie hopes to inspire children to dream big and to bring awareness to military and veteran causes.

To help fulfill her dream of creating something to give back to soldiers in a big way, a portion of the proceeds from this book and stuffed bear will go to nonprofit organizations who help soldiers and veterans.

Marie grew up in Massachusetts and New Jersey. She currently resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona. She loves to travel and is a self-proclaimed “cruise addict,” though one of her favorite destinations is Kentucky where she visits her beloved grandsons.




Brandon J. Pollard grew up in the military life with his dad, who served twenty years in the Air Force. After high school, he joined the Army. He served nine years with the active Army and National Guard as a CH47D Helicopter Flight Engineer. He served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and deployed natural-disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina and in Kashmir, Pakistan, after the Earthquake in 2005.

When he left the Army, Brandon relocated to Portland, Oregon, to live closer to his son and family. He attended the Portland Art Institute and graduated with honors in 2015, earning a bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation.

Brandon now works as an illustrator and graphic designer. Most days, he likes to daydream about old friends, strange places, fast motorcycles, and Jiu Jitsu—and uses them as inspiration for his drawings.


A portion of the proceeds will go to nonprofit organizations who help active duty military and veterans.

Buddy the soldier bear

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